Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Developing a Sine Wave Generator using DIECAL

In the last post, we saw how easiy we could accomplish complicated operations using DIECAL. Further to that, we are going develop a sine wave generator using a few lines of code. I know that you don't have a sine wave generator even in your wildest DIESEL dreams. But it is a really simple task using DIECAL. Once again, I am going to use points in order to make it simple. For generating sine wave, use the following macro.


The above macro makes use of USERR1 to USERR4 system variables. The USERR1 and USERR2 values are automatically set by the set/reset macro (given below). USERR3 holds the value for number of cycles created and USERR4 is for X axis lag value (See the sample image). Use the following macro to set/reset initial values. When you run this macro, just follow the status bar messages.

^C^C_setvar;userr1;-1;;userr2;1;userr3;1;_modemacro;Enter number of cycles:;userr3;\userr4;0;_modemacro;Enter lag value for X axis:;setvar;userr4;\_modemacro;.;

The following image illustrates three sine waves gererated with a cycle value of 3 and X axis lag value 0 (Red) .22 (Green) and .44(Yellow).

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