Thursday, May 21, 2009

Some Interesting Single Key Shortcuts in Autodesk Design Review

For the keyboard fans, who don't like working with menus and ribbons, there are several easy to use keyboard shortcuts inside ADR to make your life a lot easier. Some of those deserve a special mention for the fact that they are single key shortcuts. Using these shortcuts, the navigation options seem to be as easy as in AutoCAD, or even better. Here goes some of the single key shortcuts those caught my eyes at first sight.

R - Zoom Rectangle
F - Fit to Window
Q - Dynamic Zoom
H - Pan
PgUp - Next Page
PgDn - Previous Page
G - Length (Dimension)
N - Full Screen (Toggle)

I personally found the 'R' and 'F' shortcuts combination so terrific that it could easily beat the speed of Z+W and Z+E combination in AutoCAD. For a full list of ADR shortcuts, please refer to the help section inside the application. Unfortunately, I could not find any equivalent shortcut keys for DWG TrueView. If it's not available in TrueView, Autodesk should seriously consider incorporating it, atleast for the navigation options. For sure, these applications are going to be more and more popular in the future.


caduser2003 said...

It is very interesting commands. Thanks for your postings.

കേരളവില്ലകള്‍-Keralavillas said...

Nice tips