Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Quick Tip - Generating a Drawing List from Different Folders Using Windows Command Prompt

Most you might already know that typing DIR *.dwg /B > ListFileName in the windows command prompt will provide you with a quick list of drawings in the specific location. What if you want to create a list with drawings from multiple folders? It's a really simple task. See the following sample to get to know the syntax.

DIR D:\Proj_Dir\Disc-1\*.dwg D:\Proj_Dir\Disc-2\*.dwg D:\Proj_Dir\Disc-3\*.dwg /B > D:\Proj_Dir\Dwg_List.txt

As you can see, the paths are seperated by a space. Remember that the /B switch is still required to get the bare format file names. The above command will list all the drawing file names in the folders Disc-1, Disc-2 and Disc-3 to the Dwg_List.txt file. To access windows command prompt, either type CMD in the run prompt or locate it via Start--> All Programs --> Accessories --> Command Prompt.