Monday, October 15, 2007

How to Overcome the FIND Command Limitations

We know very well that the FIND command is doing a pretty good service by helping us to find various types of text objects inside the drawing such as single line text, multiline text, block attribute values, table text, dimension annotation text and hyperlink text. It will be too much to ask for, if we wish to add something else in the list. Here is a tricky way to find the other categories of text such as block attribute definition, RText etc. which can not be located using the FIND command.

Open the Quick Select dialog box using the QSELECT command. Select the 'Attribute' entry in the Object type drop down list. Next, select the 'Tag' entry inside the properties list. Now choose the appropriate operator and provide the attribute tag name in the 'Value' Text box. The specific attibute definition will be selected on clicking OK button. Type ZOOM (normal shortcut - z) and Object (Normal Shortcut - o) to zoom to the selected attribute definition.

Use the same procedure with Object type 'RText' and Property 'Contents' to locate an RText object.


Ehsan said...

Hi , I need help!
how can i zoom to a special object using VBA. when i use "Zoom" in command and choose "Object" option and select the corresponding object, acad zooms to it.what i want to do is to program this , not by selecting the object with mouse. i could zoom to the boundaries of the object using zoomwindow command.but some objects like mtext may have larger boundary than its visible extents.

ehsan said...

sorry for interference
i can explain my problem in more details or send my program. i use VBAIDE in autocad 2007

thanx in advance