Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Shortcut for Plotting with Previous Page Setup

Hi everybody,
I have been away from blogosphere for a short while (a period of almost 9 months ...!!). I don't know how I could stay away from the CADD world for such a long time. It was really painful not getting updated with the latest CADD info, but at the same time had a very sweet and memorable time spent with my family back home. Now feel pretty happy to be back in the role of a CAD Admin, a job I had been longing for a long time.

Two weeks ago, one of my friends emailed me seeking an easier way to plot with previous page setup without opening the plot dialog. I was lucky to have successfully tried the following macro in AutoCAD 2005 and AutoCAD 2008 versions.

^C^C-Plot;No;;Previous Plot;;No;No;Yes

The most important aspect of this macro is to provide 'Previous Plot' at the page setup name prompt. Keep the macro inside a button or menu. Or else, you can easily convert this macro to create a lisp routine and assign a shortcut for that as shown below.

(defun c:PP()(Command "-Plot" "No" "" "Previous Plot" "" "No" "No" "Yes"))

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