Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Join the AUGI group at Autodesk University

Those who wish to join AUGI at AU, please use the following links. I wish if I could join, but my chances of participating the AU are very less :-(.

Join the “AUGIatAU” Online Group
AUGIatAU Online Group

Follow AUGIatAU on twitter
Follow AUGIatAU on twitter

Thanks to Mike Perry, the ever hardworking AUGI Forums Director for the above information. For those who don't know, Mike Perry himself has made over 14,000 posts in the AUGI Forums. Quite unbelievable figure, isn't it?

Oops... I typed AutoCAD university in place of Autodesk university in the title. Am I thinking too much about AutoCAD? ;-)

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