Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Shortcut for Jumping over Words in AutoCAD

This method works fine almost everywhere in windows; be it a word processor, text editor or a dialog prompt. But I thought it would be really interesting to the AutoCAD people who normally deal with a lot of text in day to day life.

You can use CTRL + Right Arrow key to move to the next word or CTRL + Left Arrow key to move to the previous word while you are editing text inside AutoCAD. It successfully worked wherever I tried including Edit Text dialog box, Edit Attributes dialog box, MText Editor and Enhanced Attribute Editor. You can also use CTRL + Up/Down arrows to move to the beginning and end of a MText paragraph.

Thanks to Digital Inspiration for the tip. By the way, I am going back home on vacation for the next three weeks and might not be spending time in front of the computers during the period. Hope to post some good stuff after the trip with the help of a 'refreshed mind' ;-)

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