Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Advanced Drag & Drop Operations - Load / Run Scripts / LISP / VBA / ARX

Depending upon the type of files, there may be slight variations in the drag & drop result. Let's see how each file type responds.

Script: If you drag and drop a script file into the autocad window, it executes the script.

LISP: If you drag and drop a file containing LISP expressions but not a function definition, it straight away executes the LISP expressions. If the file consists of any LISP function definitions, it loads the functions into AutoCAD.

VBA: If you drag and drop a DVB file, it loads that project. The VBA module files (BAS extension) doesn't support drag and drop loading.

ARX: Loads the specific ARX application.

You can also use the drag and drop method to load other customization files like CUI, MNS etc.

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